Spanish voice over for e-learning and training videos

Spanish (Latin American) voice over talent, artist, actor - Pablo Plumey 

Narration - Documentary Style Commercial Video

Commercial for a travel agency with a narration or documentary style in Latin American Spanish by Pablo Plumey

Voice Over in Spanish for Corporate Videos

 Spanish Narration - Corporate -  Pablo Plumey 

Animation and Explainer video in Latin American Spanish

Animation and Explainer video in Latin American or Neutral Spanish by Pablo Plumey

Spanish voice over for Industrial Videos

Professional Spanish voice overs services for industrial or  corporate videos. Voice over in Spanish for any type of narrations, including documentary as well.

Spanish Voiceover for Corporate Videos

Spanish voice over with Latin American accent for Andes Logistics.

Spanish voice overs demos

A Professional Spanish Voiceover Talent for your  voiceover in spanish needs